Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Domestic Radio

We subconsciously live our lives according to that FM broadcast
now days...
Those most frequently delivered sound waves
that only in a perfect world cannot be downplayed...
puts us in a profound state with uncontrollable depths

These lyrical references, we try to exhibit in our relationships
but instead we do the opposite or play a part of the song's literal

While he stares at her ass, his train of thought is
damn, my chick bad
But her frame of mind is that he loves her beyond the physical...
so her train of thought is he's everything to me
because he feeds her mentally with fabricated truths and feelings
impairing her perception to whom she feels a connection

He tells her that "these other women have nothing on you"
However, he insist to his boys "I just want her to be my little freak"
so as he creeps with the next woman, he avoids
the relationship from being over
as he talks with the game of a professional commentator
just for entry into her sacred temple

He tells her, "welcome to my sex room"
to her its unthinkable, but she's just as foolish
as she discovers that he can't even hold an intellectual conversation
so when she tries...she waits for his response...*sighs* and replies
"say something baby"

but no words project with substance...

As he gets too comfortable with her presence
he verbally and physically attacks her
and I bet the neighbors know your name the way you're
punching, beating, as she's constantly yelling and screaming...
for you to stop the abuse

Everything has changed...

His sex therapy is no longer sensual
and when he bust it wide open its more like blatant
unforgivable rape
and we've all became victims, but she's been so scarred
that now she believes that she is inferior to all men

so when they ask her how low can you go?
She proceeds to drop her panties...quick to give it up
observing fellas in a beamer, benz or bentley
and quick to tell them, "come here rude boy, can you get it up?

Lost in her individuality, she has succumb to her weakness
life extracted by a man who has claimed dominion over her
pride and dignity
it kills me to see how it is so easy for us to destroy
yet so complicated to build one another up

But we just continue to live our lives according to that FM broadcast
now days
these most frequently delivered sound waves
that only in a perfect cannot be downplayed

Domestic Radio

Note to self

People are seasonal, friends are transparent, family is the end of it all you remain a loner...The most important people fade out of your life at some point or another to instill balance in your cipher. Life is a cycle. It never was about them. Its about growth, maturity & gaining true knowledge through understanding. These experiences make you a gem. We are just people with a purpose in each life we encounter. Evolve. Peace