Sunday, December 27, 2009

Malcolm X speech: Addressing Harlem Residents

"I'm not here this afternoon as a republican, nor as a democrat, not as a mason nor as a elf, not a protestant nor a catholic, not as a christian nor a jew, not as a baptist nor a methodist, infact not even as an American..Because if I was an American the problem that would confront yall people today wouldn't exist" -Malcolm X

This scene is from the Malcolm X film which starred Denzel Washington back in 1992. The point of me posting this is so that you can be empowered through the words of a revolutionary true leader.

Peace, to all my knowledgeable people.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Conscious- Mic Check

MIC CHECK 2. DMV in the building~~w/ DJ M.Nila
•December 20, 2009 • 1 Comment

As promised bringing to you.. the one and only Conscious representing the DMV…he has walked a long road..and its only just starting…

We’ll be uncovering more behind the artist later..but for now let’s get right into it…

1. Name- how did you come to your artist name? “Well, my artist name was actually derived from an old childhood friend who always pointed out my self-conscious tendencies in my youth, oddly enough I still hold those very same tendencies to this day. But as I matured and established a sense of direction for the music, I believe the name “Conscious” became very self-explanatory in means of what I represent and who I am as an artist. Social and political awareness became important topics in which I would dwell on so heavily to the point where it started to become relevant and influential in my music. I just feel with a name that’s as simple as “Conscious”, people will be able to identify with what I’m bringing to the table. Thus, there is no room for contradiction in my music as a “Conscious” artist.”

2.Best piece of advice you have ever gotten? “Always practice humility, stay true to yourself and maintain confidence. How can you expect the world to be confident in what you present, if you can’t even find confidence in yourself?”

3.Why are you an artist? ” I look back at the Renaissance period, how art and literature dominated throughout the 14th-16th centuries, and it was just amazing how influential one’s work can be on society. Artistry gives you the freedom to express your thoughts, ideas and opinions like no other. Thats what I love about hip hop. There is no boundaries..there is no limitations and you are free to give the people all of you through your craft. Not to mention, I LOVE HIP HOP! Thats why I’m an artist”

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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Nas interview: Speaks on his absense from Blueprint 3 and Only Built For Cuban Linx II

Its good to see Nas back to doing interviews and his personal life out the spot light. Now as dope as the track from Jay was, "Empire State of Mind", I feel that this would have been more epic if Nas would have graced the track. [arguably the greatest of all time, [maybe Im being biased], but I understand. Maybe it was the all of the negative media surrounding him and the whole Kelis situation. Who knows? But sheesh, imagine him on "Verbal Intercourse 2" with The Chef...Both of those albums deserved a Nas feature, in my opinion. Whether it is true or not if Nas turned down both Jay and Rae, the question still remains: Will Nas ever drop another Illmatic, It Was Written, or Stillmatic? Hip Hop definately needs that right now. Hell, I need that right now. Thats all for right now bloggers. Peace, I have to get back to the music.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Returning from the hiatus

Alright, Conscious is back! The originator, the founder, etc. etc of this blog. As you all may or may not know this blog was supposed to be taking place in the 30 days, 30 blogs campaign for the month of September. However, my compadre @Imperial_J (add him on twitter) who was the "brains of the operation", has become very inconsistent with his efforts. If you tell the audience you are going to do something then they expect that to be done. I shouldn't have to monitor the site everyday to see if people are doing their job. However, part of this is my fault because I am responsible for this blog and everything that it stands for. As you can see his last blog was on the 18th of this month, and prior to that he was skipping over days. SmH. Slacker! When one person in your team looks bad, WE ALL DO. Therefore, I am formally apologizing to all the followers of this blog on behalf of the Black Collar Society fam for misleading and giving you misdirection. Apparently, you cannot hold people responsible for work if they aren't as dedicated as you are. For now on, I will be getting back in the swing of things with my blogging. Stay tuned.

Check out my homie @MarkMilly site as well. The project "Rhyme and Reason" is in the works. Be on the lookout for that release this Thanksgiving!.

DMV Stand Up!
Peace and Bless

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Day 8: Alotta of niggas will unfortunately be giving up their hip hop passes today. Smh

Soooo, its Tuesday, you know what tuesday means. Yo, if you walked into any record store, or any music aisle ...and you did NOT walk out of that store with a copy of Only Built 4 Cuban Linx 2...hand in your hip hop pass, right the fuck now with no hesitation. I don't care what other album dropped the same day (hint hint) both of them if you have to. Or cop one and steal one, shit do somethin. You owe it to yourself and hip hop because albums like this don't come out that often. Its a rareity to get an instant classic, alot of niggas throw around that word but don't actually mean it. Today is officially Rae day!!

Alright...aside from music, and into was also the day president Obama gave a speech today to the entire student body..of the country...from elementary kids to college kids. Now, I had to work, in fact my lunch break was just finishing right before it came on so I was kind of bummed I didn't get to see it. I didn't see it so I won't talk about the speech, however I did want to talk about all the controversy surrounding it.

I the blue FUCK is wrong with this country? I want somebody to honestly tell me what exactly is America because I don't think we live in the same country. There are actually parents out there IGNORANT enough to deny their children the right to hear from the President of the United States talk to them about their education. I mean ...really? Just think about that for a minute.......

Its wrong for the PRESIDENT ..someone who has one of the highest ranking and respected positions in the talk to your kids about staying in school so one day they can maybe get to the level where he's at? Am I the only one who sees a disturbance here? These conservatives would rather it be Joe the plumbing nigga come to our schools and talk to these kids about taking up a trade after high school. And no disrespectful to anybody in a trade, I used to do electrical work before I got into manufacturing...but I'm having a hard time believing any parent who thinks Obama is wrong for giving the speech. Whatever you think his political agenda may be...I think it boils down to something else.....yeah you know where this is going......race!

No matter how much of a complete idiot I think Bush is, I respect his authority and his position and whenever he spoke to the nation, I listened. Obama has only been in offense for 9 fucking months and the nigga can't do SHIT without an angry mob voicing their opinions wanting to be heard. Like this health care bullshit.....if you already have health care.....shut the fuck up!!!! The reform is needed for those without any health insurance...republicans have been using scare tactics the whole time scaring these old folks into thinking theire going to lose their health care. That's all they have left to rely on is fucking scare tactics! They did it during election season and they're doing it now and they will continue to do it until Obama is out of office. I can't wait until these GrandOLDparty niggas just grow old and die one by one, and then this country can finally begin to shift for the better, that time is coming soon ...until then...

In a fucked up world of hip hop, and a fucked up world period....hold ya head high people...shit gonna get better.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Day 7: Man Too Fast

What's up bloggers! Its day 7 of my 30 day adventure. Its fucking labor day! Since yall got the day off then I shouldn't have to write this blog! Lol....I kid I kid. I'm sorry about bluffin yall last night I know I promised niggas another blog reviewing OB4CL2 but after I listened to the album I just fell asleep. The album is fucking amazing though. It was everything I expected it to be and so far its my choice for album of the year. Its that good. Good job Rae,.you came through.

Aight, I wanna get personal on this blog...not really tryna give yall my life story but if you're interested then continue reading, if not...then this blog aint for you man. Once again its True Story aka Imperial J one third of the Black Collar Society (we are always interested in expanding so I won't be one third for long hopefully) anyway the title of this blog is "Man Too Fast" and in the near future I will be converting this blog into song format for your listening enjoyment. The title speaks for itself ...when I was younger, I wanted to become a man too fast....

I don't regret shit! I look into my kids eyes everyday and give them the world. Things could have been different, of course....but I made the decision to not go to college and take on a fulltime job to feed my family all while at the same time pursuing my dream of being involved with music (notice I didn't say rapper!) shit aint all about rappin to me, I don't even go hard as I can but trust and believe I'm better than 95% of you rap niggas! Lol ..ok enough bragging, I'm kidding!

Well, that's the gist of it, you won't see me writing a full blog trying to make myself a victim, I live comfortable and its people out there far worse. But I was just sitting on the couch..watching tv with my son, and it hit me...I aint young anymore man. If I haven't already done so, its time for me to grow the fuck up. I also got the drink in my hand (its a holiday lol) so I'm gonna put a toast in the air, to of today ...I'm officially removing myself out of childhood. Its not what I wanted soon of course...but I now see the bigger picture, shit aint always about me anymore. Alot of people call themselves men, but are they? I aint sayin I'm perfect but dammit I'm trying!

Its been nice bloggin with yall this weekend, back to work tomorrow! The grind continues...peace!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Day 6: Rae....its all in your hands now.

The date is September 6th, 2009. Hip-Hop music is on life support. Lol nah not really I hate being dramatic..its good music everywhere!!! But on some real shit, we cannot ignore that there is a drought of good music being put out CONSISTENTLY. The summer of 2009 we have depended on 4 albums to keep this rap shit going. Loso's Way, Slaughterhouse, Blueprint 3 and finally...OB4CL2. Now, Fab's album was really good, he did his always...I wasn't really expecting his album to move me much but it served its purpose as a nice well rounded album. Fab has matured as a lyricist and is really gunning for that crown. Jay need to get "off that" throne!. Pun intended.

The Slaughterhouse album and BP3 were letdowns...honestly...I expected so much more, or maybe as a fan I set the bar too high. I already wrote a blog on BP3 but as far as slaughterhouse goes....the other 3 niggas should just drop out of the group and call the group "Joell Ortiz" ..because he's the only one who came on that album with something to prove...the youngest one...who woulda knew? Don't get me wrong...anybody who knows me know I LOOOOVE Budden.....solo...I love Royce....solo....I love Crook...solo. The album just seemed rushed to me...them niggas bragged about doing the album in 7 days when truthfully more time shoulda been put into that album. As a group it didn't sound cohesive enough to me, there were some dope cuts on that album but after you got past all the skits in the middle of the album it seems like you're already at the end. What a disappointment to 4 of the nicest lyricists in the rap game right now...I wish them the best of luck in later SH projects....

So after being letdown by 2 albums I have been anticipating the entire year. I'm leaving it all up to Raekwon. Nigga it took you 14 years to do this album it better not be anything short of a classic!!!! I'm having a listening session later tonight ...I put off downloading the leak..I swore to myself I would buy the album, and I still am...but Conscious is currently on his way to my crib as I type this with a copy of the cd for me to listen to.

This is actually only part 1 to my blog...part 2 comes later tonight with a review after I listen to the album in its what a treat you guys are getting...2 blogs in one day! Check back soon!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Day 3: Pay My Bills Day!

Aight, @imperial_j I had this pifftastic blog planned for you guys today. I finally made it to a computer, I was gonna put together an ill blog in honor of Michael. I was gonna have links to all his music along with pictures and I woulda shared some  of my favorite memories of him and we all woulda had this big ass engaging discussion in the comment section and everything woulda just been lovely! Yeah..I envisioned it that way smh....

So I'm at my parents crib earlier today...finally made it to a computer, ready to take this blog shit to the next level...when I click on the Firefox icon and realize....THEIR INTERNET IS CUT OFF! Damn yo! Soooo ..its back to the basic blogs live from my Palm Pre (I'll re-edit most of these blogs later when I get to a pc). Back on subject...

Pay my bills day (c) Conscious.....that dreaded day no one looks forward to. When I get my paycheck....maybe for those first couple of hours I feel like the richest nigga in the world. I'm ready to ball out, hit the mall and start stuntin on these hoes ...yeah, its just the nigga in ..I mean the rapper in me. Then ..1 by 1 ...Benjamin by Benjamin....Grant by Grant.....Jackson by Jackson.....the Washingtons go to wifey so I aint gotta worry about that! The money goes...and it goes fast!

Like most niggas my age....we like to brag and do shit without thinking about the long haul effects.....I'm no different. So I packed my shit...moved out of my parents crib at the tender age of 19 and really been on my own ever since. I've been holding myself down with this fulltime job I pays decent money to live but there's always more to be the moral of this blog is...stay on your grind! Whether its a 9 to 5, school...rap...trappin, strippin, scammin ..whatever you gotta do to make this money, do it...because the world don't give a FUCK about ya! Don't be fooled, the world revolves around that green piece of paper.

Stay on ya grind peeps! That's my blog for the day. I gotta go pay this phone bill before this becomes my last blog! Sprint bout to cut my ass off lmao. Don't get mad at me but I spent my cell phone bill money on a couple outfits for Labor Day Weekend coming up...cookouts are coming, gotta be fresh! Lol ..I'm probably gonna regret that in about 3 days tho...smh...cya!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Chris Brown part 2

Yo I had to come back and add more because I cannot stress enough how serious of a situation this is. I know I laugh and joke alot and tend to make light out of everything....but I empathize with Chris Brown only. Domestic violence in my opinion should really be observed on a case by case basis. For every despicable act of violence against a woman for no reason (those are your cowards) also have to look and understand the cases where things just might get out of hand and a mistake is made. That's all I'm trying to say....just wanted to clear that up...don't want niggas thinkin I support beating on women, smh! Thanks for bloggin with me!!!

Day 2: Larry King vs Chris Brown

Aight, be honest many of yall NEVER watched Larry King before until tonight when you heard Chris Breezy was gonna be on there? Tell the truth. Lol. For real though, the interview that premeired tonight was interesting to say the least. CB wouldn't go into much detail about what exactly caused him to black the fuck out and give the beats to Rihanna, no matter how many times Larry King reworded the question. Son would not budge. Somebody print up a bunch of tee's "its personal" is fixin up to be the new I plead the 5th. 

I don't get into the whole gossip shit, nor will I pass judgement on CB. I never had to stand in front of a judge for assaulting a woman and I never had to face public opinion for my actions. However ....I 100% understand what its like to deal with a crazy ass woman. Lets get into some real nigga shit for the next couple paragraphs yo....

Howcome no one is asking Rihanna what happened? People love to make the male look evil when 9 times out of 10 a woman may have provoked it with her mouth. That may or may not be the case in this situation, but I've been dealing with a bipolar Jamaican woman (them island girls are crazy!! And isnt Rihanna from Barbados? Hmmm), I know what its like to have a woman push your buttons to the point wher violence becomes an entertainment for your mind. Again, I never put my hands on a woman...but who am I to say everybody should reserve the same self control? Miss me with that "real men" don't hit women most cases dudes who say this end up being a bunch of Jons wondering why they're stuck with Kate forever. I don't condone hitting a woman ..but I do think as a man sometimes you have to assert the dominant structure in a household and just tighten your belt and put your foot down sometimes. Niggas soundin like a bunch of Ray Ramano niggas to me right now. Was Chris wrong for what he did? Of course...but as long as he ackowledges that and keep it movin, why should we continue to crucify dude?

Women get beat on everyday b. Not to offend anyone especially those victimized by domestic violence, but as I was watching the Larry King interview and read the ticker at the bottom screen and seeing all those comments about "if I was Chris Brown I would be in jail" ...shut the fuck up! 1 out of every 4 women have been victims of domestic violence...and I think that's true because Anderson Cooper just said it on his show as I type this lol anyway the point I'm trying to make is...5 years probation is enough for dude...especially considering we got regular niggas in the streets who beat on women daily and never get caught. Son obviously feels sorry for what he's done and he wants to rehibilitate his career badly...he's young, he got time. Ike Turner and Bobby Brown did it....which brings me to my next idea....

What would YOU do right now if you was CB's manager? Maybe I'm a bad manager but I woulda let dude roll with that bad boy image for a little bit. So for those of you reading the blog....what's your whole take on this situation?

And the funny thing is nigga Plaxico about to get 2 years for shooting HIMSELF lmao...nothing to laugh about but that's fucked up...this justice system I tell ya. Aight that's my blog for today yall peace


Tuesday, September 1, 2009

30 days 30 blogs, day 1! BP3 leak, listen.

Aight, for those that don't know me allow me to make my formal introduction....I'm True third of the hip hop group Black Collar society........I also go by the alias Imperial J and you an follow me on twitter @imperial_j . I'm not gonna talk you niggas to death, I'll let the music speak for itself. I will be writing a majority of these blogs from my cellphone so my blogs will be kinda short and to the point and when I get to a computer I tend to be a little more long winded with the thoughts.

So yeah ...Blueprint 3 ...jayz...yeah, the 40 year old rapper. Don't get me wrong folks...I love jigga...but he is missing a step. I'm not gonna harp on it too much but something is missing....we can go back to his Vol.3 days ..when Jay used to boast and brag on EVERY song, you could tell he was hungry for the crown....and even after he captured it (BP1) ..he wasn't givin that shit up. After listening to this leak it sounds more like Jay is trying to find himself with this new generation, rather than asserting himself as still being K.O.N.Y ..speaking of that...who the FUCK has the crown? I'll address this on a later blog....

So  yeah, my opinion on BP3 ..for what its worth, its a solid album, def worth a few listens....but underwhelming compared to the other 2 previous installments.....

That's all for now ...ny thumbs hurt lol .. - Imperial J

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Hip-Hop Dalmatians

Hip-hop, no longer real
Don’t define it by this sh*t we call mainstream
Just a bunch of artists saying the same thing
All these variations of gray
Rapping about green and cars and diamond rings
Whole songs deciphered as weed, sex, and greed
It no longer has purpose but getting play and selling CDs
Fourteen tracks and not a single one has meaning
Useless catch phrases and lines
They think they’re fine just as long as they rhyme
Then get mad when we download songs online
While they sell us insipid trash for $13.99
Few artists still on that real sh*t, that one of a kind sh*t
They took my first love and raped it, drugged it
How I loved it, until it became what it has become
It’s slowly dying (save it!)
Incubated by the few who still give it their time
All truth, no lie, they’re on that real grind
Virtuosos and prodigies are losing their voices
Pull the mic closer, we can’t hear your voices
While others struggle to hold on to their one true love
The beats instilled in their hearts, never did they part
Music…they took it and abused it
Used it to get more caged, just rotting away
More on that AIDS list, more lives wasted
Negative influence, role models equal negative,
If only they tested negative, please “let us live”
Too many too busy doing the “gangsta” thing
Others fighting to get out, while they’re dying to get in
Why? Cuz their favorite rapper said so
Shows...real flow lost
Where it dwells? Don’t know

These days, the media allows an incredible genre of music to be butchered. It's slowly losing its meaning, and being replaced by anything that will sell. The role models are gone. The stories are gone. But luckily, there are still a few who stay true to what hip-hop is and was originally meant to be. Don't let it die.

Written By: Modupe
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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The "Rhyme & Reason" Project: Feat. Conscious and Mark Milly & Black Collar Society Vol. I

Peace bloggers. Me and the homie Mark Milly have joined forces and are currently working on our new mixtape entitled "Rhyme & Reason". Two of DMV's most talented and versatile artists. With Milly's witty charisma and 'straight to the point' rhyme style accompanied by the intricate lyrical prowess of Con, this project promises to be a treat for hip hop fans. The highly anticipated mixtape project "Rhyme & Reason" is Scheduled to be an online release in November so definately stay tuned!
Follow MarkMilly @ duh!
Check out his site as well for his upcoming projects
Alright, peeps. As you all know I have been leaking tracks from my up and coming solo project "Black Collar Society Vol. 1". There is plenty speculation surrounding the release of the project itself. To settle all of your questions, I am definately aiming for a December or early 2010 release. Why so long? Well, I feel as though that the last mixtape I put out was rushed and not cohesive production wise. Therefore, I would like to be more careful and not rush great craft with this project. Rest assure, this mixtape is a big step from "Above The Influence" which dropped last November 2008. Shout outs to my Black Collar Society fam who will be featured on the project...hit them up on twitter @Purethrupr0se and @Imperial_J
I most definately will keep you all posted on the next moves, shows, projects, etc. etc. If you havent already, please feel free to download the tracks that are posted on the blog. A new addition to your ipods as well ;-)...Remember to keep your Eyes Closed and Your Ears Plugged....unless its to the music...Peace Bloggers

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Black Sugar prod. by Josh Grooves

This track right here gives me that old refreshing A Tribe Called Quest/Common vibe, but with that Conscious twist ;). Anyway this track is another from the up and coming mixtape [Black Collar Society Vol.1]. I am displaying a different side of my lyrical prowess, I guess you can say ha!..shout out to my homie Dupe! [follow her on twitter by the way @Purethrupr0se} Preferably a track for the ladies, but fellas feel free to enjoy this as well.
Shout outs to Josh Grooves for the smooth production on this track, another dope producer who I am networking with...Hit him up on the space.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Eyes Closed, Ears Plugged prod. by Mizfitz Soundz

First of all, I want to show mad love and support to the homies, Mizfitz Soundz for blessing me with the production on this track. In "Eyes Closed, Ears Plugged", I voice my opinion on how I feel about our political system and how we as people who are struggling within society are in jeopardy due to lack of help and understanding from our very own government. In the song the hook states- "The lies are told, but life is much better when your eyes are closed, and we hear the floods but life is much better when your ears are plugged"- In retrospect, I am simply stating that we are better off living independantly and not depending on our government to survive, for they are prone to manipulation. As minorities, it is up to us to consider change and take action. As I shed light on these situations, try to understand my perspective. Peep, enjoy and encourage your peers to listen to this track as well. Thanks and I sincerely appreciate it. Peace.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Termanology Releasing New Project "Time Machine" September 22nd

Term in my opinion is one of the most underated lyricist out. FYI, he also is the younger brother of producer extraodinaire, Primo. I had an opportunity of going to one of his shows @ the Sonar last year sometime. The kid has some skills, be on the look out for his new album coming soon.

Less than a year after the release his official debut, Politics As Usual, Termanology returns with Time Machine (Hood Politics VI), on September 22 through his own ST. Records. Its been a busy year for Termanology. Since the September 2008 release of his well-received debut, which featured production by DJ Premier, Hi-Tek and Pete Rock, Term has toured extensively. He opened for Method Man and Redman on the nationwide Still High Tour and headlined his own 2009 European Tour. Time Machine falls somewhere between an album and a mixtape. It features production by Don Cannon, DJ Premier, The Alchemist and Large Professor. Joell Ortiz, Lil' Fame and Sheek Louch make guest appearances. Be on the lookout. Peace

courtesy of

Sunday, July 26, 2009

We Are Change MD Launch Party- August 28th @Sonar

Come out and support "We Are Change MD" movement.
Peace to Tom Delay hit him up on twitter @tomdelaybeats


The Roots- How I Got Over

Arguably the greatest band in history, with an impeccable lyricist, Black Thought, the legendary sounds of The Roots is back to touch the airwaves. I am highly anticipating this album. "How I Got Over" will be the 3rd album under Def Jam and it promises to deliver the soulful socially conscious hip hop that has enabled them to stand out amongst the industry. Download the title track from the up and coming album which will drop September 29th, 2009.

"How I Got Over"

Come out and enjoy good music!

WPGC Welcomes the Summer Spirit Festival With Erykah Badu, Chrisette MichelleRaphael Saadiq, Mike Epps, Chuck Brown, The Foreign Exchange and more! Saturday, August 8th, 5:30pm Merriweather Post Pavilion, Columbia MDTickets on sale NOW at all Ticketmaster locations, The Merrieweather Post Pavilion Box Office, or
So you know I definately have to be in attendance at the Summer Spirit Festival. Its too close to home. If you are in the area, please come out, dont miss it! Shout outs to my Black Collar Society fam because we are there! Follow them on twitter @Imperial_J and @Purethrupr0se [Black Collar Society] peace!

J. Cole- The Come Up Mixtape Vol. 1 and The Warm Up

For all who are not familiar with J. Cole, he is the Roc Nation's first signed artist courtesy of Jay-Z. Born in Fayetteville, North Carolina, I can honestly say that J. Cole is one talented young MC, his sound is refreshing and lyrically he is a beneficial addition to hip hop. Props to his success and his two mixtapes that I am currently bumping in my whip. Before we are artists, we are fans and its inspirational to see a dedicated artist as Cole, getting his turn. Peep.
Download The Come Up Mixtape Vol. 1

The Warm Up

Raekwon- Only Built For Cuban Linx II Review via (HHC UK)

This blog is courtesy of my nigga Lucky AKA Mark Milly

courtesy of
My homie Sumitwas blessed wih the opportunity to hear the complete copy of Raekwon's "Only Built For Cuban Linx 2" and has a pretty good review of it.

A few hours ago, I had the pleasure of being the only blogger/journalist/anyone who has had a chance to listen to the much anticipated “Only Built For Cuban Linx 2″. Every since speaking with Raekwon the last time he was in town, I’ve been very excited to hear this project and honestly, it doesn’t disappoint.Below are just some of my thoughts. At this stage, I don’t have titles for the tracks but do have most of the features and production credits. Hope you enjoy it.

The album starts with a skit. The beat is soulful, very smooth. A voice that begins to speak. Its Papa Wu and he’s speaking to the rapper.

“Yo Rae, that you baby, heard all these things about you … we went through so many trials and tribulation, watch the people that cheat you”. Not only is Papa Wu dropping knowledge, but he reminds the listener just how far the rapper from Staten has come.Already from the sound of the track and the opening skit, it sets up a mature album without the raw, gritty sound we are familiar with on Only Built For Cuban Linx. Rae has gone through so much and hes taken it in his stride.

Track 1

Starts off with the classic Shaolin fighting sounds. I think to myself, this is a RZA beat. As the upbeat track is in full flow, I’m still thinking this is a RZA beat. I’m completely wrong, its actually a J-Dilla beat. Already bopping my head, Rae fires some dope rhymes and some swagger “I’ve always been an ill dude”. Ghostface then rolls through and adds some style. Method Man is also featured on this joint. This is the album version, but the single version which will drop next week will have GZA on the hook. Its called “Flying Daggers”

Track 2

Pete Rock produces this next street and grimey track. Its a street tale and its vintage Raekwon.He’s looking to make that paper. One line he raps “I haven’t got my money yet”

The third track on the album features Erick Sermon. It has good chemistry. This is followed by what I’m guessing will be called “Its cold outside”. It has the hook from Rainy Days “Its cold outside” but essentially the track is about Raekwon and everything he’s faced from his street life, his music right through to the present. It also features Ghostface.

Track 6 on the album is produced by the legendary RZA with a rich sounding record. “That black Mozart shit right here”, that’s a lyric that sums up the track.

This is followed by a skit with Raekwon flossing. “yo where them Levi’s at”. He picks out some Gucci.

Then the album goes into some vintage Raekwon and Ghostface. The chemistry is still there, they compliment each other very well. It has an old school feel to it. This is followed by Criminology 2.

Check Out his complete review here

Friday, July 24, 2009

Keep Rockin It prod. by Black Milk

This is another track off of the up and coming project Black Collar Society Vol. 1. Prod. by Black Milk. If you dont know who that is, then you are lost right now...'Peep this uniqueness'

Download, ipod, and enjoy ;)

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Classic prod. by Da Cypha

Peace bloggers this track is for the hip hop heads. Classic is a dedication using creative knowledge taking you through the building blocks and foundation of some of hip hops classic albums.

Born To Die-Biggie (Ready to Die and Born Again mixed)
Reasonable Doubt-Jay-Z
Illmatic - Nas
AmeriKKKa's Most Wanted - Ice Cube
The Infamous... - Mobb Deep
Doe Or Die - AZ
The Listening - Little Brother
Me Against The World - 2pac
Live and Let Die- Kool G. Rap
The Chronic - Dr. Dre
DoggyStyle - Snoop Dogg
Paid In Full - Rakim
It Takes A Nation Of A Million To Hold Us Back - Public Enemy
The Blueprint - Jay-Z
Only Built 4 Cuban Linx... - Raekwon & Ghost
It Was Written - Nas
Ressurection - Common
The Low End Theory - A Tribe Called Quest
Step In The Arena - GangStarr
Liquid Swords - The GZA
The [Higher] Score - Fugees
Radio - LL Cool J
The Beautiful Struggle - Talib Kweli
BlackStar - BlackStar (Mos Def & Talib Kweli)
Do You Want More?!?! - The Roots
Organix - The Roots
Bizarre Ride II The Pharcyde - The Pharcyde
Food & Liquor - Lupe Fiasco
Fan-Tastic - Slum Village
Stankonia - Outkast
I Got Next - KRS-One
Lifestylez Ov Da Poor & Dangerous - Big L
College Dropout - Kanye West
Faces Of Death - Bone Thugs N Harmony
Slim Shady LP - Eminem

Conscious-The MC

The lone star in a galactic passage where passion defies the odds of reality. I am the genesis and I am the last trilogy. In a double standard relationship, I live, I love the music I cherish amongst the irrelevant sounds of our universe. I long for its matrimony, yet my heart is with the woman of my dreams. My inspiration to whom I am her understudy. Two passions, two loves. It is I, A polygamist in a sense. For there is no room for trial and error. This is who I am.

Hip-HopHip-Hop Is More Than Music, Hip-Hop Has Crossed Cultural Boundries That Other Music Genres Never Crossed. Hip-Hop Is Not Only The Music You Listen To, But The Way You Walk, Talk, Dress And Act. Hip-Hop Is A State Of Mind, An Entire Generation, Thirty Years Strong. We Are The Hip-Hop Generation. Rap Is What We Do,. . . Hip-Hop Is How We Live.