Sunday, September 6, 2009

Day 6: Rae....its all in your hands now.

The date is September 6th, 2009. Hip-Hop music is on life support. Lol nah not really I hate being dramatic..its good music everywhere!!! But on some real shit, we cannot ignore that there is a drought of good music being put out CONSISTENTLY. The summer of 2009 we have depended on 4 albums to keep this rap shit going. Loso's Way, Slaughterhouse, Blueprint 3 and finally...OB4CL2. Now, Fab's album was really good, he did his always...I wasn't really expecting his album to move me much but it served its purpose as a nice well rounded album. Fab has matured as a lyricist and is really gunning for that crown. Jay need to get "off that" throne!. Pun intended.

The Slaughterhouse album and BP3 were letdowns...honestly...I expected so much more, or maybe as a fan I set the bar too high. I already wrote a blog on BP3 but as far as slaughterhouse goes....the other 3 niggas should just drop out of the group and call the group "Joell Ortiz" ..because he's the only one who came on that album with something to prove...the youngest one...who woulda knew? Don't get me wrong...anybody who knows me know I LOOOOVE Budden.....solo...I love Royce....solo....I love Crook...solo. The album just seemed rushed to me...them niggas bragged about doing the album in 7 days when truthfully more time shoulda been put into that album. As a group it didn't sound cohesive enough to me, there were some dope cuts on that album but after you got past all the skits in the middle of the album it seems like you're already at the end. What a disappointment to 4 of the nicest lyricists in the rap game right now...I wish them the best of luck in later SH projects....

So after being letdown by 2 albums I have been anticipating the entire year. I'm leaving it all up to Raekwon. Nigga it took you 14 years to do this album it better not be anything short of a classic!!!! I'm having a listening session later tonight ...I put off downloading the leak..I swore to myself I would buy the album, and I still am...but Conscious is currently on his way to my crib as I type this with a copy of the cd for me to listen to.

This is actually only part 1 to my blog...part 2 comes later tonight with a review after I listen to the album in its what a treat you guys are getting...2 blogs in one day! Check back soon!

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