Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Nas interview: Speaks on his absense from Blueprint 3 and Only Built For Cuban Linx II

Its good to see Nas back to doing interviews and his personal life out the spot light. Now as dope as the track from Jay was, "Empire State of Mind", I feel that this would have been more epic if Nas would have graced the track. [arguably the greatest of all time, [maybe Im being biased], but I understand. Maybe it was the all of the negative media surrounding him and the whole Kelis situation. Who knows? But sheesh, imagine him on "Verbal Intercourse 2" with The Chef...Both of those albums deserved a Nas feature, in my opinion. Whether it is true or not if Nas turned down both Jay and Rae, the question still remains: Will Nas ever drop another Illmatic, It Was Written, or Stillmatic? Hip Hop definately needs that right now. Hell, I need that right now. Thats all for right now bloggers. Peace, I have to get back to the music.

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