Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Day 8: Alotta of niggas will unfortunately be giving up their hip hop passes today. Smh

Soooo, its Tuesday, you know what tuesday means. Yo, if you walked into any record store, or any music aisle ...and you did NOT walk out of that store with a copy of Only Built 4 Cuban Linx 2...hand in your hip hop pass, right the fuck now with no hesitation. I don't care what other album dropped the same day (hint hint) ...buy both of them if you have to. Or cop one and steal one, shit do somethin. You owe it to yourself and hip hop because albums like this don't come out that often. Its a rareity to get an instant classic, alot of niggas throw around that word but don't actually mean it. Today is officially Rae day!!

Alright...aside from music, and into Politics...today was also the day president Obama gave a speech today to the entire student body..of the country...from elementary kids to college kids. Now, I had to work, in fact my lunch break was just finishing right before it came on so I was kind of bummed I didn't get to see it. I didn't see it so I won't talk about the speech, however I did want to talk about all the controversy surrounding it.

I mean..........what......in the blue FUCK is wrong with this country? I want somebody to honestly tell me what exactly is America because I don't think we live in the same country. There are actually parents out there IGNORANT enough to deny their children the right to hear from the President of the United States talk to them about their education. I mean ...really? Just think about that for a minute.......

Its wrong for the PRESIDENT ..someone who has one of the highest ranking and respected positions in the world...to talk to your kids about staying in school so one day they can maybe get to the level where he's at? Am I the only one who sees a disturbance here? These conservatives would rather it be Joe the plumbing nigga come to our schools and talk to these kids about taking up a trade after high school. And no disrespectful to anybody in a trade, I used to do electrical work before I got into manufacturing...but I'm having a hard time believing any parent who thinks Obama is wrong for giving the speech. Whatever you think his political agenda may be...I think it boils down to something else.....yeah you know where this is going......race!

No matter how much of a complete idiot I think Bush is, I respect his authority and his position and whenever he spoke to the nation, I listened. Obama has only been in offense for 9 fucking months and the nigga can't do SHIT without an angry mob voicing their opinions wanting to be heard. Like this health care bullshit.....if you already have health care.....shut the fuck up!!!! The reform is needed for those without any health insurance...republicans have been using scare tactics the whole time scaring these old folks into thinking theire going to lose their health care. That's all they have left to rely on is fucking scare tactics! They did it during election season and they're doing it now and they will continue to do it until Obama is out of office. I can't wait until these GrandOLDparty niggas just grow old and die one by one, and then this country can finally begin to shift for the better, that time is coming soon ...until then...

In a fucked up world of hip hop, and a fucked up world period....hold ya head high people...shit gonna get better.

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