Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Day 2: Larry King vs Chris Brown

Aight, be honest many of yall NEVER watched Larry King before until tonight when you heard Chris Breezy was gonna be on there? Tell the truth. Lol. For real though, the interview that premeired tonight was interesting to say the least. CB wouldn't go into much detail about what exactly caused him to black the fuck out and give the beats to Rihanna, no matter how many times Larry King reworded the question. Son would not budge. Somebody print up a bunch of tee's "its personal" is fixin up to be the new I plead the 5th. 

I don't get into the whole gossip shit, nor will I pass judgement on CB. I never had to stand in front of a judge for assaulting a woman and I never had to face public opinion for my actions. However ....I 100% understand what its like to deal with a crazy ass woman. Lets get into some real nigga shit for the next couple paragraphs yo....

Howcome no one is asking Rihanna what happened? People love to make the male look evil when 9 times out of 10 a woman may have provoked it with her mouth. That may or may not be the case in this situation, but I've been dealing with a bipolar Jamaican woman (them island girls are crazy!! And isnt Rihanna from Barbados? Hmmm), I know what its like to have a woman push your buttons to the point wher violence becomes an entertainment for your mind. Again, I never put my hands on a woman...but who am I to say everybody should reserve the same self control? Miss me with that "real men" don't hit women most cases dudes who say this end up being a bunch of Jons wondering why they're stuck with Kate forever. I don't condone hitting a woman ..but I do think as a man sometimes you have to assert the dominant structure in a household and just tighten your belt and put your foot down sometimes. Niggas soundin like a bunch of Ray Ramano niggas to me right now. Was Chris wrong for what he did? Of course...but as long as he ackowledges that and keep it movin, why should we continue to crucify dude?

Women get beat on everyday b. Not to offend anyone especially those victimized by domestic violence, but as I was watching the Larry King interview and read the ticker at the bottom screen and seeing all those comments about "if I was Chris Brown I would be in jail" ...shut the fuck up! 1 out of every 4 women have been victims of domestic violence...and I think that's true because Anderson Cooper just said it on his show as I type this lol anyway the point I'm trying to make is...5 years probation is enough for dude...especially considering we got regular niggas in the streets who beat on women daily and never get caught. Son obviously feels sorry for what he's done and he wants to rehibilitate his career badly...he's young, he got time. Ike Turner and Bobby Brown did it....which brings me to my next idea....

What would YOU do right now if you was CB's manager? Maybe I'm a bad manager but I woulda let dude roll with that bad boy image for a little bit. So for those of you reading the blog....what's your whole take on this situation?

And the funny thing is nigga Plaxico about to get 2 years for shooting HIMSELF lmao...nothing to laugh about but that's fucked up...this justice system I tell ya. Aight that's my blog for today yall peace


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