Thursday, September 3, 2009

Day 3: Pay My Bills Day!

Aight, @imperial_j I had this pifftastic blog planned for you guys today. I finally made it to a computer, I was gonna put together an ill blog in honor of Michael. I was gonna have links to all his music along with pictures and I woulda shared some  of my favorite memories of him and we all woulda had this big ass engaging discussion in the comment section and everything woulda just been lovely! Yeah..I envisioned it that way smh....

So I'm at my parents crib earlier today...finally made it to a computer, ready to take this blog shit to the next level...when I click on the Firefox icon and realize....THEIR INTERNET IS CUT OFF! Damn yo! Soooo ..its back to the basic blogs live from my Palm Pre (I'll re-edit most of these blogs later when I get to a pc). Back on subject...

Pay my bills day (c) Conscious.....that dreaded day no one looks forward to. When I get my paycheck....maybe for those first couple of hours I feel like the richest nigga in the world. I'm ready to ball out, hit the mall and start stuntin on these hoes ...yeah, its just the nigga in ..I mean the rapper in me. Then ..1 by 1 ...Benjamin by Benjamin....Grant by Grant.....Jackson by Jackson.....the Washingtons go to wifey so I aint gotta worry about that! The money goes...and it goes fast!

Like most niggas my age....we like to brag and do shit without thinking about the long haul effects.....I'm no different. So I packed my shit...moved out of my parents crib at the tender age of 19 and really been on my own ever since. I've been holding myself down with this fulltime job I pays decent money to live but there's always more to be the moral of this blog is...stay on your grind! Whether its a 9 to 5, school...rap...trappin, strippin, scammin ..whatever you gotta do to make this money, do it...because the world don't give a FUCK about ya! Don't be fooled, the world revolves around that green piece of paper.

Stay on ya grind peeps! That's my blog for the day. I gotta go pay this phone bill before this becomes my last blog! Sprint bout to cut my ass off lmao. Don't get mad at me but I spent my cell phone bill money on a couple outfits for Labor Day Weekend coming up...cookouts are coming, gotta be fresh! Lol ..I'm probably gonna regret that in about 3 days tho...smh...cya!

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