Tuesday, September 1, 2009

30 days 30 blogs, day 1! BP3 leak, listen.

Aight, for those that don't know me allow me to make my formal introduction....I'm True Story...one third of the hip hop group Black Collar society........I also go by the alias Imperial J and you an follow me on twitter @imperial_j . I'm not gonna talk you niggas to death, I'll let the music speak for itself. I will be writing a majority of these blogs from my cellphone so my blogs will be kinda short and to the point and when I get to a computer I tend to be a little more long winded with the thoughts.

So yeah ...Blueprint 3 ...jayz...yeah, the 40 year old rapper. Don't get me wrong folks...I love jigga...but he is missing a step. I'm not gonna harp on it too much but something is missing....we can go back to his Vol.3 days ..when Jay used to boast and brag on EVERY song, you could tell he was hungry for the crown....and even after he captured it (BP1) ..he wasn't givin that shit up. After listening to this leak it sounds more like Jay is trying to find himself with this new generation, rather than asserting himself as still being K.O.N.Y ..speaking of that...who the FUCK has the crown? I'll address this on a later blog....

So  yeah, my opinion on BP3 ..for what its worth, its a solid album, def worth a few listens....but underwhelming compared to the other 2 previous installments.....

That's all for now ...ny thumbs hurt lol .. - Imperial J

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