Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Hip-Hop Dalmatians

Hip-hop, no longer real
Don’t define it by this sh*t we call mainstream
Just a bunch of artists saying the same thing
All these variations of gray
Rapping about green and cars and diamond rings
Whole songs deciphered as weed, sex, and greed
It no longer has purpose but getting play and selling CDs
Fourteen tracks and not a single one has meaning
Useless catch phrases and lines
They think they’re fine just as long as they rhyme
Then get mad when we download songs online
While they sell us insipid trash for $13.99
Few artists still on that real sh*t, that one of a kind sh*t
They took my first love and raped it, drugged it
How I loved it, until it became what it has become
It’s slowly dying (save it!)
Incubated by the few who still give it their time
All truth, no lie, they’re on that real grind
Virtuosos and prodigies are losing their voices
Pull the mic closer, we can’t hear your voices
While others struggle to hold on to their one true love
The beats instilled in their hearts, never did they part
Music…they took it and abused it
Used it to get more caged, just rotting away
More on that AIDS list, more lives wasted
Negative influence, role models equal negative,
If only they tested negative, please “let us live”
Too many too busy doing the “gangsta” thing
Others fighting to get out, while they’re dying to get in
Why? Cuz their favorite rapper said so
Shows...real flow lost
Where it dwells? Don’t know

These days, the media allows an incredible genre of music to be butchered. It's slowly losing its meaning, and being replaced by anything that will sell. The role models are gone. The stories are gone. But luckily, there are still a few who stay true to what hip-hop is and was originally meant to be. Don't let it die.

Written By: Modupe
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