Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The "Rhyme & Reason" Project: Feat. Conscious and Mark Milly & Black Collar Society Vol. I

Peace bloggers. Me and the homie Mark Milly have joined forces and are currently working on our new mixtape entitled "Rhyme & Reason". Two of DMV's most talented and versatile artists. With Milly's witty charisma and 'straight to the point' rhyme style accompanied by the intricate lyrical prowess of Con, this project promises to be a treat for hip hop fans. The highly anticipated mixtape project "Rhyme & Reason" is Scheduled to be an online release in November so definately stay tuned!
Follow MarkMilly @ http://www.twitter.com/MarkMilly duh!
Check out his site as well for his upcoming projects http://www.theincrediblecreation.com/
Alright, peeps. As you all know I have been leaking tracks from my up and coming solo project "Black Collar Society Vol. 1". There is plenty speculation surrounding the release of the project itself. To settle all of your questions, I am definately aiming for a December or early 2010 release. Why so long? Well, I feel as though that the last mixtape I put out was rushed and not cohesive production wise. Therefore, I would like to be more careful and not rush great craft with this project. Rest assure, this mixtape is a big step from "Above The Influence" which dropped last November 2008. Shout outs to my Black Collar Society fam who will be featured on the project...hit them up on twitter @Purethrupr0se and @Imperial_J
I most definately will keep you all posted on the next moves, shows, projects, etc. etc. If you havent already, please feel free to download the tracks that are posted on the blog. A new addition to your ipods as well ;-)...Remember to keep your Eyes Closed and Your Ears Plugged....unless its to the music...Peace Bloggers

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