Saturday, August 1, 2009

Eyes Closed, Ears Plugged prod. by Mizfitz Soundz

First of all, I want to show mad love and support to the homies, Mizfitz Soundz for blessing me with the production on this track. In "Eyes Closed, Ears Plugged", I voice my opinion on how I feel about our political system and how we as people who are struggling within society are in jeopardy due to lack of help and understanding from our very own government. In the song the hook states- "The lies are told, but life is much better when your eyes are closed, and we hear the floods but life is much better when your ears are plugged"- In retrospect, I am simply stating that we are better off living independantly and not depending on our government to survive, for they are prone to manipulation. As minorities, it is up to us to consider change and take action. As I shed light on these situations, try to understand my perspective. Peep, enjoy and encourage your peers to listen to this track as well. Thanks and I sincerely appreciate it. Peace.

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