Monday, September 7, 2009

Day 7: Man Too Fast

What's up bloggers! Its day 7 of my 30 day adventure. Its fucking labor day! Since yall got the day off then I shouldn't have to write this blog! Lol....I kid I kid. I'm sorry about bluffin yall last night I know I promised niggas another blog reviewing OB4CL2 but after I listened to the album I just fell asleep. The album is fucking amazing though. It was everything I expected it to be and so far its my choice for album of the year. Its that good. Good job Rae,.you came through.

Aight, I wanna get personal on this blog...not really tryna give yall my life story but if you're interested then continue reading, if not...then this blog aint for you man. Once again its True Story aka Imperial J one third of the Black Collar Society (we are always interested in expanding so I won't be one third for long hopefully) anyway the title of this blog is "Man Too Fast" and in the near future I will be converting this blog into song format for your listening enjoyment. The title speaks for itself ...when I was younger, I wanted to become a man too fast....

I don't regret shit! I look into my kids eyes everyday and give them the world. Things could have been different, of course....but I made the decision to not go to college and take on a fulltime job to feed my family all while at the same time pursuing my dream of being involved with music (notice I didn't say rapper!) shit aint all about rappin to me, I don't even go hard as I can but trust and believe I'm better than 95% of you rap niggas! Lol ..ok enough bragging, I'm kidding!

Well, that's the gist of it, you won't see me writing a full blog trying to make myself a victim, I live comfortable and its people out there far worse. But I was just sitting on the couch..watching tv with my son, and it hit me...I aint young anymore man. If I haven't already done so, its time for me to grow the fuck up. I also got the drink in my hand (its a holiday lol) so I'm gonna put a toast in the air, to of today ...I'm officially removing myself out of childhood. Its not what I wanted soon of course...but I now see the bigger picture, shit aint always about me anymore. Alot of people call themselves men, but are they? I aint sayin I'm perfect but dammit I'm trying!

Its been nice bloggin with yall this weekend, back to work tomorrow! The grind continues...peace!

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