Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Conscious-The MC

The lone star in a galactic passage where passion defies the odds of reality. I am the genesis and I am the last trilogy. In a double standard relationship, I live, I love the music I cherish amongst the irrelevant sounds of our universe. I long for its matrimony, yet my heart is with the woman of my dreams. My inspiration to whom I am her understudy. Two passions, two loves. It is I, A polygamist in a sense. For there is no room for trial and error. This is who I am.

Hip-HopHip-Hop Is More Than Music, Hip-Hop Has Crossed Cultural Boundries That Other Music Genres Never Crossed. Hip-Hop Is Not Only The Music You Listen To, But The Way You Walk, Talk, Dress And Act. Hip-Hop Is A State Of Mind, An Entire Generation, Thirty Years Strong. We Are The Hip-Hop Generation. Rap Is What We Do,. . . Hip-Hop Is How We Live.

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