Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Dirt Platoon- Strapped

Real MCs are alive in Baltimore in case you speculators were lost in the mix. I dont know Dirt Platoon personally, but these cats are literally always in attendance at any major hip hop event in Baltimore. These MCs are really on their grind, and I respect them heavily for that, not to mention the lyrical talent these cats possess. Their style reminds me of a cross between the back in the day Mobb Deep and M.O.P. I'm talking about some real grimy street hip hop shit while incorporating social and political awareness as well. They also have a track featured on Tom Delay's "Cases" album which dropped recently in 09. I been keeping up with Dirt Platoon for a little bit now, and they def have the passion and drive for hip hop. When I peeped the video "Strapped" I was definitely impressed, so I just had to post this shit and promote these fellow Baltimore MCs. Peep this joint.

Not too sure if they're on twitter, if they are I'll be editing this post and dropping that info on you.

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