Wednesday, January 27, 2010

In Contrast

Black cotton, white slaves
Black supremacists, white activists
An invalid perception, that could never equivalent or reciprocate
White cotton, black slaves
White supremacists, black activists
What’s the science?

In the beginning, there was the original black man
Our indigenous origin
Knowledge is understanding…
Kings and Queens

So I use my black thoughts as my roots have been stimulated
Amongst a society that has been simulated
While the truth has disintegrated
As the teachers generated in the minds of the blind…
Giving a misconception of…

Black, the organic race
Yet they misinterpret our color as Satanic plagued, Gothic
While white is pure and white is prosperous
Black is poverty and black is ominous

So they blackmail and blackball us and
Give us white lies which originated from the white man’s
There never was a middle section in this venn diagram

Our association is with darkness which injects fear…
Black, so commonly used as the color of mourning
And bereavement
The color of concealment and non-achievement
But ironically Native Americans associated black
with the life giving soil

As Europeans enslaved our black heritage
Still we rise…
So they despise our pride…segregation…
Say it LOUD!…

Black is the color that does not emit or reflect light
In any part of the visible spectrum
Instead it absorbs all frequencies
Black and white, no shades of grey in between
Maybe you’ll love us when we fade to black…

But even metaphorically, that’s morally incorrect
Because from birth to adolescence our complexion
is darkened
And as black as we are, they want to see failure

Bi racial, Kings and Queens
Understand your black genes are the predominance
They say the blacker the berry, the sweeter the juice
The darker the flesh, the deeper the roots
I say black is beautiful, from light to dark

I am a black dove hovering above the majestic sky
Not to be confused with a black hole, but rather
A black star…
Shining above and beyond any galactic passage

I am black youth writing with my black ball point pen
Composing black scriptures to the illest black milk
Hit me on my blackberry if you want to contact Black
Collar Society
Even Rolling Stones had no choice but to paint it

Black cotton, white slaves
Black supremacists, white activists
White cotton, black slaves
White supremacists, black activists


  1. This poem is appropriately titled: the piece is filled with contrasts and juxtapositions. The journey through the various meanings and definitions of the word "black" is enough to make Webster grin.

  2. Awesome poem homie...I love the wordplay that you displayed later on in the verse...

  3. i am so glad i stumbled upon your blog. i wasn't sure mentalities such as yours still existed during these times. i am hopeful - not only because of your mind, but also for your ability of expression. peace to u and your brilliance.